Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Adora Model: Model Tips

Adora Model Management: Facing the Camera

Adora Model Management are based in Manchester and London. They have relationships with many leading brands and supply models for a range of bookings. Here are some tips from Adora Model to help you look your best in front of the photographer's camera.

Adora Model Management
Adora Model Management

Smile like you mean it and forget fake, exaggerated cheesers in favour of your natural, relaxed smile. When trying for the most original of looks, think of something funny just as the camera clicks. 

To avoid a double chin, always have the right camera angle. When the camera is pointing down the way, your face looks leaner and your jawline is more defined. 

When the lens is at eye-level, stick your chin out slightly more than normal so as to better avoid any extra chins . 

For extra glow in your photos, enhance the whiteness of your teeth with whiteners. For kissable lips, apply a layer of sheer lip gloss and away you go.

For a more put-together, model-like grin, go for maximum gum coverage and hide more teeth than you would show during a good laugh. A natural smile sets a successful model apart.

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