Sunday, 16 November 2014

Adora Model Management: The Key to Success

How to Dress for Castings

One thing that Adora Model Management keep getting asked by less experienced models is, "What should I wear?" Now, castings are no different to job interviews in many respects. Dress appropriately to the casting in a style that relates to the brand, but don’t over-do things. Arrive on time and be confident during the audition. Network with people and get to know a little bit about what they do, including the other male models. Adora Model Management tell all their models how important networking is. Talk to the casting staff to find out more about the project, but avoid being too intrusive with your questions and act in a calm manner.

Adora Model Management
Adora Model Management
This not only helps your chances in getting the job, but helps you make important contacts that could help you later in your career. After the audition, resist the temptation to call the casting staff or agency to inquire about your chances of getting the job. If they’re interested, they’ll call you.

If you are falling behind with your workouts consider hitting the gym to get into peak shape and work toward improving your physical appearance. Male models don’t necessarily need to be thin. Work towards being muscular, but overly big, unless the job asks for a bulkier appearance. However, avoid dangerous diets and intensive workouts. Consider hiring a personal trainer to help get you in peak physical shape before your audition. Find out more about Adora Model Management from the video below.