Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Adora Model Management Prep Tips

Adora Model Management Photo Shoot Tips

Adora Model Management are a highly regarded modelling agency both in the UK and Spain. They provide a range of models for every client's need and with an impressive client list Adora Model Management are the people to talk to for high calibre models. Below are some short tips of things to do, and things not to do when preparing for a modelling shoot.

Adora Model Management
Adora Model Management 

Drink lots of water. Lights are very dehydrating at times. For a few days before the shoot avoid alcohol, caffeine and spicy food. They can quicken dehydration and affect your skin.

Don't use too much conditioner beforehand as it can affect any products the on-set stylist might need to use. 

Exfoliate your face and lips on the morning of the shoot and keep some lip salve handy in case of drying. Also, check that you have no awkward tan lines that will be visible on set. Try to find out exactly what you will be modelling if you haven't already been briefed.

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